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Renewable Energy Services

NWP & Hydrometeorological Services

  • Design and Implementation of integrated Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) systems (weather, wave & ocean, hydrological).
  • Operations and Maintenance of Numerical Weather Prediction Systems (NWP).
  • Atmospheric composition & particularly desert dust & sea salt.
  • Extreme weather & Flood Forecasting Systems.
  • Local, regional & global scale service provision.
  • Assessment of local & regional meteorological & climatological conditions.
  • Support of open-sea operations & special activities (weather windows).
  • Operational support of major sporting events via highly customized weather & wave forecasting products (sailing races, expedition support, etc).
  • Collection, analysis and reproduction through simulations of land and sea catastrophes.
  • Expert’s reports for court or extrajudicial use.
  • Analysis of specialized observations from satellite platforms or airborne datasets.
  • Integrated experimental campaigns that include atmospheric, sea-state & land surface conditions, under the use of in-situ instruments & remote-sensing datasets.
  • In general,we design and support weather & sea state operational systems for engineering,marine & other specialized applications.

Particular services provided with highly specialized models:

  • Research, development and applications of WRF and WRF/Chem models.
  • Research, development and applications of SKIRON/Dust.
  • Research, development and applications of Integrated Community Limited Area Modeling System RAMS/ICLAMS.
  • Research, development and applications of WAM4 & WAVEWATCH III wave models.
  • Research, development and applications of CAMx, CMAQ, HYPACT air quality models.
  • Research, development and applications of CREST & HEC-RAS hydrological & hydraulic models.