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17456 Alimos, Greece
Phone: +30 210 9968138
Mobile: +30 694 4544325
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e-Mail: info@wemetpc.com

Research & Development

In WeMET P.C. we promote new and fresh ideas for research and development and new product development. Both basic and applied research activities are supported at the framework of externally-funded projects. Internal planning also supports a number of activities that are not necessarily close to the market. Some of the current research activities are focusing on subjects like:

  • Basic research and atmospheric model development for dust, aerosol-radiation-cloud-precipitation interactions.
  • Transport and transformation of air pollutants and impact on health.
  • Air sea interaction – wave and sea current interactions.
  • Wave analysis and prediction.
  • Non-linear atmospheric and ocean dynamics for engineering and marine applications.
  • Wind, wave, solar energy applications and predictions (on/offshore).
  • Flooding and flash flooding operations (extreme analysis and prediction, frequency of occurrence).
  • Forensic activities related to naval operations and insurance claims.
  • Various applied research and engineering activities.
  • Creation of large databases – Large Data handling.
  • R&D applications related to Mechanical Engineering and optimization processes.

Human Resources

WeMET was founded on 2014 with the main purpose to develop and operate integrated tools and supply high quality data sets for engineering, marine and other specific applications. It is based on the experience built in the past two decades at the University Departments, Research Institutes and R&D companies. The aim is to advance the competiveness at the international level.

Currently WeMET P.C. has 14 employees and long-term external collaborators. The persons involved in WeMET P.C. are past and current academics, post docs, phD and MSc students. WeMET P.C. has also a team of computer science and engineers on designing, configuring and running large computer infrastructures and networks used for both research and real time operations. The Managing Director of the company is Andreas Kallos specializing in operational research and optimization. The R&D Director is the Emeritus Professor George Kallos. The research and engineers of the company have long experience gained from being involved in a number of projects executed in the past either at Universities such as University of Athens, Colorado State University, State University of New York, Georgia Tech, University of Connecticut and associated institutes or companies such as ITC S.A. Particularly, several persons have been involved in the past in a number of well-known projects such as SKIRON, NHREAS, Atlanta Olympics 1996, Athens Olympics 2004, POSEIDON I&II, ANEMOS, ANEMOS+, ENVIWAVE, MARINA PLATFORM, CIRCE, WAUDIT, WASSF, Earh2Observe, IRPWIND, ENI, EMODNET/MED and BLACKSEA. On 2019 WeMET P.C. was granted the project to develop the forecasting system (weather, dust, wave, ocean circulation) for the General Authority of Environmental Predictions (GAMEP) of Saudi Arabia.